How to find a rental property and the point of residence

Search for the first house in rent

People with long social experience have changed their livelihoods accordingly, so I have experienced many times moving and I have experienced values ??from experiences I've been looking up so we have each know-how . However, in the case of young people, there are cases where it is the first time to find a room or to experience the move, so I'm lost as to what to look for and how to study. First of all, we should think about the ratio of rent from income. This is not an annual income but look for about one-third from monthly salary as a standard. Of course, the cheaper one is better, but as it is necessary to have expenses such as food expenses, utilities expenses and communication expenses such as smartphones and entertainment, too much rent is too much trouble. However, even though it is too cheap and safety is neglected, women and others are in trouble.

In the case of a city, there is also an option to borrow a safe apartment with higher rent, giving priority to safety, so it is case by case, but if possible, moderate rent as seen from income It is necessary to think and decide. I have heard stories that previously successful people lived close to the work place and used time effectively. So, the choices are each. You also have the option of choosing cheap residences of rent far from the workplace. Some also choose an environment that can heal stressful environmental stresses. However, considering economic standards, about one-third is safe.

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