How to find a rental property and the point of residence

Point to search for rental housing

As a point of searching for housing, it is important whether earthquake countermeasures and safety measures are made in addition to the conditions so far, also important conditions for searching for a house from news such as recent Kumamoto earthquake disaster and Japanese crime It has entered. Even with the disaster of Kumamoto this time, the first floor of the new apartment collapsed to the appearance, the students lost their lives. In Tokyo, Osaka and other cities, predictions such as direct type earthquake are coming up. For that, at least it is necessary to borrow a building room where the building is safe to some extent and does not collapse. There are many old buildings in the city, and it is also difficult to seek relief immediately in the event of a disaster. So when borrowing a rental property, confirming the earthquake resistance performance is also essential. It is also important whether fire or the like will occur and whether it will escape from there.

In the Kobe earthquake, it was also impressive that there were many people who died without escaping by fire. It was a situation I can not help to live. Fire in the city after the earthquake may be scary. We will check as much as possible to ensure evacuation routes and whether fire is likely to occur and whether the ground is loose and liquefaction will not occur. Recently, since you can obtain such information on the internet disaster prevention special website etc., we need to confirm that. It is necessary confirmation that we must do in Japan.

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