How to find a rental property and the point of residence

It is not only the merit that the south-facing apartment house lives

When searching for an apartment house, you may find it bothering to find a property facing south. Speaking southwards, the sun will hit one day. The sun rises from the east, but then gradually ascends towards the south. And it will sink to the west gradually when it is too high. When sinking in the west, you can also get the sun from the south so you can get the sun throughout the day.

The advantage of getting sunlight is to dry as soon as you hang the laundry. If there is not sunlight on the veranda, it may not dry even if it is dried for one day. But if there is always sunshine you can dry thoroughly in winter. The warmth of winter also benefits. If you keep the door closed, you will be able to spend heating without sunlight as it is warm as it is. Of course it will cool down in the morning and night.

Southern Orientation seems to be only merit but there are also disadvantages. The sun may not be very good if the sun has merit. It is warm sunlight in winter, but it turns into heat in summer. It is necessary to close the curtains and shield the light, heat shield and then use the air conditioner. If the sun is strong it will cause sunburn such as furniture. We can correspond with curtain etc. here. It is somewhat somewhat if the glasses are against ultraviolet radiation.

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